Animal Cuteness

Here’s a bit of what I got to do over the weekend.

[At the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust]

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is an elephant orphanage where they rescue baby elephants whose parents have been killed by predators, poachers, etc. They currently have 20 elephants. The two above are 4 months old and 6 months old (the bigger one being the youngest one). Aren’t they adorable?? Makes me want to adopt an elephant.

[At the Giraffe Center]

The Giraffe Center is an education center whose main objective is to rescue the Rotschild giraffe, one of three giraffe sub-species in Kenya (there are 8 sub-species in Africa). It was started in 1979 and has bred over 200 giraffes to date. Giraffes are very friendly but quite stubborn. They will only let you pet them if you feed them. But they all know their own names. Here, I’m feeding Lynn, a 16-year old giraffe.

One conversation I had with a staff member went like this:
– Me: so do you tag them when you release them back into the wild?
– Him: yeah I guess we could tag them, but really they’re very easy to tell apart so we don’t need to tag them.
– Me: [blank look from the girl for whom all giraffes look the same]


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